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Dior- BeCD

Dior is a global brand who sells its products in various branches throughout the country. Since their products are scattered in different branches, they have had difficulty controlling their sales.
First, we created an app for their sales attendants, in which they can update in real time about shifts and sales during the shift.
Then, we developed a system that extracts data from the application and other control sources, and puts it all under one data collection system.
This combination enables the owners of the company to be in control at all times and to know what is happening with their sales.



תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪dior israel‬‏Emmanuel Fitoussi, CEO Dior IL: “The project we worked with Gamliel Solutions LTD was very important for the company. The solution was creative and practical, and Gamliel did not rest until the system was perfect. Warmly recommend to everyone who wants new technological solutions for his business!”